Wide-Angle Pro-Activity


SO many students come to class with blinders on.  They can only focus on the task at hand and the present day.

But it is such a valuable tool to be able to look at the bigger picture.

I feel it is important for our students to have a better wide-angle pro-activity in their day.

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Gamification in Education

So I feel like we’ve entered, this new era as I mentioned to you which I think is actually pretty revolutionary. It’s not just the kind to creative ideas that were creating; it’s the quantity of creative ideas. It’s the quality of the creative ideas and it’s the number of people who get to be creative and whose voices in that prism of creativity get amplified. If we want to do that deliberately, if we want to take advantage of the power game, some of my collaborators suggest that that will just naturally evolve from people playing Mario Kart. And I think that’s the exception rather than the rule, I think what we need to do is collectively; decide to actively make that happen to put the power games to work, to inspire creativity and innovation and that concept is called gameification. But when we take deliberately the ideas for games and apply them to change people’s behavior making the world a more interesting more dynamic and more creative place. (Zichermann, 2014)


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Question Everything: Essential Questioning

“Question everything?” says Hal Gregersen

What I thought was interesting about this video was the value Hal put on the trust and time that people would give children to listen to their questions and answer.

I think it stands to be true, it is so important that we spend the time and space to focus on the young children and ensure they can trust us to answer there questions.. they need to feel that it is acceptable to ask questions.

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Blending technology and classroom learning

I found Jessie Wolley-Wilson’s talk to be very interesting.
Some keys quotes I found interesting:
“We can take all kids to the best neighborhoods with the best teachers the best education or we can figure out a way to make that vip code irrelevant to a child’s ability to learn to realize their learning potential and I believe in doing so realize their human”
” intelligent adaptive learning technology =

learn the learner as the learner learns so that they can help determine

what next lesson what next learning experience a child should have based on what they demonstrate they now and what they don’t know”

“students are actually put the driver seat so that the can literally help architect their own learning path “
She finishes with a quote fromMargaret Mead “if children do not learn the way we teach,

we must teach the way they learn.”
Let’s help students in the drivers’ seat.


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Knife skills 101

Want to work on your knife skills.  Here are some pictures to reference.



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Follow our Canadian Junior Culinary Team

Much like my senior national team, there is a group of juniors (under the age of 25) that also work together and represent Canada.

VCC had the Junior Culinary Team fro 2008 to 2012.

The privilege has know been awarded to The Canadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara College.

Now these are some motivated students.



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Proud to be apart of the VCC Culinary team.

Looking for inspiration in your cooking.

Watch, VCC Culinary instructor Hamid Salimian, also a Culinary Team Canada member in these series of 7 lunch ideas on a budget.



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